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its me

I dont have an amazing figure or flat stomach . Im far from being considerd a model , but i am me . I eat food . I have curves . I have more fat than i should . I have scars because i have history . Some people love me , some like me , some hate me . But thats life i learned to deal with it . I’ve done good , i’ve done bad . I love my pj’s and i go with out make up sometimes , i dont get my hair done all the time . I dont pretend to be someone im not . I am who i am . You can love me or not . It doesnt phase me or slow me down one bit . I wont change just for you too like me . If i love you ,i love you with everything i have . I fall for the wrong guys , get heart broken . But its all life . I make no apologies for who i am or the way i am . I am me not anybody else . I live the way i wanna live . ♥